Origo Boutique is a multibrand fashion store based in Italy.


We’ve started from scratch for this project.

After an extensive brief with the client and visiting the location, we came up with the very first thing to start a business: the brand name.

A robust process has been followed beginning with competition analysis and study of the local market. Only after that we’ve gone into name brainstorming in order to come out with a short list of 4 possible names, paying attention to the url availability, keeping in mind that the extension of the brand online would have been the next step in term of strategy.

Then came the logo: we’ve chosen for a solution that could be split into trademark, wordmark and symbol, in order to be applied to stationery, outdoor, web, and – thinking forward – to create a own clothing label in the medium-long term.

As part of the strategy we’ve developed flyers (for street marketing, but also easy to adapt for an internet use) and a gift card in order to start to collect clients information (name and email at least) for further digital campaigns.

  • DateJune 2016
  • ClientOrigo Boutique