Italian food is widely recognised worldwide for its high quality. However, this website does not sell Italian mainstream food products but rather, only a selection of regional products hard to find in your local store. Even Italians buy on this website to taste flavours and recipes from other regions.

This is an Orione brand; we love Italian food, we want to share these emotions with you and bring Italian regional food to your home. Italy consist of 21 regions and dishes vary according to local traditions. Most of the products you find in our store are natural or organic produced by Italian local farmers and producers.

It has been essential for Italian farmers to work in harmony with nature. Organic producing is the traditional way Italian farmers follow already centuries, using techniques to achieve good crop yields without harming the natural environment.

You will not find these products in your local store. You either travel to Italy to buy it yourself, or you trust the choices of our experts in Italy who select the authentic delicacies.