Consumare Giusto is a non-profit organization involved in the development of a sustainable program for preservation of fish stocks and marine habitats.

Its mission is to create awareness and educate the audience to a sustainable seafood consumption, through the digital ecosystem and live events.


We have rebranded the identity, starting from a new web design, more coherent with the expectations of the audience, that is looking for a reliable source of information.


After working on a one-to-one communication with existing followers of the brand, we have engaged them through a very remarkable editorial plan on Facebook for almost six months, that has lead to a substantial improvement in data capture and collection of more subscribers for a monthly newsletter created ad hoc.


As a following step we have gone for experiential marketing, creating the brand “STREAT FISH”: a patented format of itinerant food events (mainly stand-up dinners), where guests can live the experience of tasting sustainable seafood, get scientific information, recommendations on health, tips and recipes. The format consists of a full package: from the choice of the raw materials, to food preparation (chefs) to delivery and service (staff); it provides also entertainment (music & visual artists) on request. It comes with a robust and coordinated communication and design through which the message of sustainability is delivered to audience (packaging, info panels, gadgets, etc.).

While doing that we have also given the organization a way to monetize all of the scientific knowledge gathered in the years.

“The need of the organization was to create a more consistent online presence: to attract new backers and gather the attention of our supporters to the scientific program. We’ve been able to reach most of our goals in a short time with creativity and serious execution, at the same time being able to monetize our knowledge.”

Daniele Tibi