A digital project aimed at creating an online editorial service on China economy and society. The content and the site raises brand awareness on the know-how and experience of world´s renown expert Michele Geraci who is the chief knowledge expert on matters pertaining China economic policy programs, finance, Chinese modern culture.

The digital project advised the editorial organisation, led by Michele Geraci´s team, to provide news, videos, articles, lectures in digital form with relative ease. Besides helping with creating the website itself, Orione helped with setting up a web syndication  where news agencies and associated press can subscribe to Geraci´s video podcasts

Critical to the success, was the creation of a Digital Content Framework , a set of guidelines, processes and tools to be used by the editorial team based in China to create content which adheres to:

•  Geraci´s requirements and wishes as main knowledge expert

•  all common requirements of the major news agencies and associated press subscribed to the podcast

•  technical constraints for the creation of rich text formats, videos and audio content

•  best practice guidelines for proper indexing of content on search engines ( i.e. SEO), social media

platforms, youtube, Google play & iTunes podcast, etc…

•  The requirements G.O.s , Banks, TV news broadcasting Networks

“Orione pays the level of attention and professionalism necessary to work with high calibre international projects and public figures. I can strongly recommend it.”

Michele Geraci 杰拉奇